Sketchbook: Movement

In preparation for Exercise 4 Energy I practised some mark-making and ideas in my sketchbook.

Sketchbook Page 21
Sketchbook A3 Page 21 Movement
Sketchbook page 22
Sketchbook A3 Page 22 Movement

I have been reading some research on how we perceive placement of a figure on the page.  I have hinted on this in the sketchbook but I will write up more fully when I have finished reading.

Sketchbook page 23
Sketchbook A3 Page 23 Movement Duchamp and Rodin

I took inspiration from Marcel Duchamp (Nude Descending) and Auguste Rodin (Cambodian dancer in profile) for page 23 of my sketchbook.  I tried to emulate the Rodin drawing in watercolour and pencil.  I was worried that the pencil wouldn’t work well on damp paper but it was fine.  I used watercolour paper so it was sturdy enough when damp.

The Rodin drawing has achieved a sense of lively movement through the fluid medium used and the loose but accurate way the body is described.  I like the way the background adds to the sense of movement too.  My figure is a little too stiff but it is a method I am now keen to try for a life drawing.

Duchamp’s method of depicting movement was to duplicate the figure in a series to show changes in level (walking down a stairs) and forward movement.  I tried to attempt to roughly copy this by a printing method.  I had a glass plate with some grey watercolour paint on which I wetted and drew into with a cloth (Fig. 1.)

Duchamp plate
Fig. 1. Glass, watercolour A4.

I liked the outcome which I think did convey a sense of movement.  I then decided to try a mono-print from this.  The problem was that the watercolour had dried and I know that if I tried to wet it I would  lose the marks.  So I tried to apply wetted rice paper to the plate.  And that was not at all successful.  It just turned out a muddy mess.  However, I was glad a took a photo of the plate with marks on it, which I guess was a temporary drawing (remember those in Part One?) and I have put the photo in my sketchbook.



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