Sketchbook: Backgrounds and portraits

Practising backgrounds, acrylic this time, and some techniques for portraits in A3 sketchbook.  I can’t spell acrylic.

Sketchbook portraits
A3 Sketchbook Black. Page 24.

The eyes are probably too close together on two of them (top left/bottom left).

In the Max Beckmann influenced drawing (top right) the eyes are probably too far apart, but I don’t think Beckman was a stickler for accuracy over expression.  I like the dry brush acrylic in burnt umber, it makes it look a little like it’s painted on a wood surface.

Bottom right was based on a Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein) Self-portrait 1942.  I haven’t quite caught her look which is more scary in the original.  Queer British Art 1861 – 1967, in which Gluck’s work appears, is an exhibition I want to visit at Tate Britain.

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