Project 3: Exercise 4: Energy

I had already practised some marks and approaches on energy and movement in my sketchbook (see Blog entry 16th June 2017).  I tried to let myself go a bit with these drawings.  I did enjoy the exercises but I think I have probably overdone the lines a bit and therefore have achieved some muddled results.

Energy 1
Fig. 1. A2. 5 x 2 minutes in a variety of media.

For this drawing (Fig. 1.) the model moved to a different pose every two minutes.  I aimed to use a different medium for each pose and I rotated the sugar paper each time I finished a pose.  I tried to add some “flowing” marks to indicate movement, but I fear they just look added in for effect (which they were).  Probably the poses weren’t dynamic enough.  I feel that “Energy” needs to be about the pose as much as the mark-making.  I do like how the face of the model (top left) stared wistfully out of the chaos.

Energy 2
Fig. 2. A3. Charcoal and crayon on paper. 5 minutes.

For Fig. 2. I wanted a sense of the model moving forward – a little like the repeated images of Duchamp’s Nude Descending.  I also wanted to capture the sense of the right hand image “walking” off the page – which again helps to describe movement.  (Again see Blog sketchbook entry for 16th June).


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