About me

Hello.  Welcome to my art blog.  I am aiming to complete a BA (Hons) degree in Painting with the Open College of Arts (OCA).  I started 1st October 2016 so have a lot to do to achieve my ambition.

My life-long interest in art has been one mostly of observation and appreciation rather than practising it with any consistency.  I think that is all going to change now!

Me “Waterlogged” 2015

Since retiring from full-time work three years ago I have attended several short-term art classes in painting and drawing, which I have enjoyed very much and which have highlighted many shortcomings, but the odd successes have sustained me.  And I have learned a lot – from tutors, but particularly from other students.  I am amazed at the different approaches and variety of outcomes from individuals, and have come to learn that there is no one way to approach art, and that has given me confidence.

My OCA email address is Janet516158@oca.ac.uk if you want to contact me.

Best wishes to all my fellow students at OCA.





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